Petopia—Where Every Pet is Happy, Clean & Loved.

— Our Story

It all started with one dog/ one pet/ one friend…

Being a pet owner and a pet lover, I was always passionate about the care, health, and safety of my furry friends. For me, pampering a pet has never been a chore but a love-filled, fun-packed way of spending time with my pet.

When it came to choosing the best grooming services, I never relied on anything but the best.

And, although, there are many reliable spas and grooming centers, I and my fellow pet owners always felt the need for services that were more accessible.

Here is the thing…

Brand Mission

We understand. Your furry friend is your family.

That’s why, our mission is to make high-quality, luxury pet grooming services accessible and affordable for all pet lovers. We deliver comprehensive services with tender love and attention.

Brand Vision

Our vision is simple- we want to be your most trusted pet groomers in UAE. To do that, we provide the best services professionally and lovingly. As we grow, we aim to introduce premium quality, pet-friendly products, and accessories designed to keep those tiny tails wagging.

We love our pets…

But driving our pets to grooming centers is not always that easy. It needs time, money, and lots of scheduling.

That’s why, I started Petopia- a mobile grooming service that is centered on your pet’s unique needs.

At Petopia, we are a team of trained groomers. Our groomers have more than 10 years of experience in providing qualified care for all breeds of cats and dogs. We also provide services for selective breeds of birds.
We don’t just groom your pet, we provide tender care and love with great attention and professionalism.

When you call us, we reach you wherever you are. Our temperature-controlled, self-contained, luxury vans are like a pet salon on wheels.

This means.....

At Petopia- our goal is to make every visit dreamy for you and your pet.

We understand that your pet is your family. Therefore, we provide exceptional services by well-trained staff so you can keep trusting us for your pet’s care and grooming. Our outstanding services and extraordinary care make us different from others.

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